Advertising Guidelines

As operators licenced by the Malta Gambling Authority, we must abide by the Commercial Communications Committee Guidelines. Below, you will find the rules laid out within the document as mentioned above.

Commercial Communications must not:

  1. Any ads/marketing targeting MGA Territories, in English, should clearly state that it is not available to UK customers.
  2. Marketing cannot feature minors, any person under the age of 18, or who looks under 18.
  3. "The MGA licenses Maxent Ltd under the licence MGA/B2C/210/2011"
  4. Responsible gaming message (such as "Play Responsibly");
  5. All material information must be available in the advert (wagering/deposits requirements and any restrictions such as bonus validity).
  6. Full bonus/significant T&Cs have to be only one click away (from the ad)
  7. Portray, condone or encourage behaviour that is criminal or socially irresponsible or could lead to financial, social or emotional harm, or directly or indirectly encourage anti- social or violent behaviour
  8. Suggest that gaming can be a resolution to social, educational, professional or personal problems
  9. Suggest that gaming can be an alternative to employment, a solution to financial concerns or a form of financial investment
  10. Portray gaming as socially attractive or suggest that it can enhance personal and, or professional qualities, for example by improving self-image or self-esteem, or is a way to gain control, superiority, recognition or admiration
  11. Portray gaming in a context of toughness or link it to resilience or recklessness
  12. Portray gaming as indispensable or as taking priority in life, for example over family,friends or professional or educational commitments
  13. Suggest that solitary gaming is preferable to social gaming
  14. Suggest peer pressure to game, or disparage abstention from gaming
  15. Suggest that skill can influence the outcome of a game that is purely a game of chance
  16. Provide false or untruthful information about the chances of winning or expected return from gaming
  17. Exploit cultural beliefs or traditions about gaming or luck
  18. Refer to instantly available consumer credit services or any other ways of providing credit to players
  19. Tarnish the goodwill and privilege that is associated or related in any manner whatsoever to an authorised person or tarnish the image or reputation of another authorised person

General Rules and Guidelines for all Affiliates - All Markets

  1. No SMS, Email, Social, Native or any kind of direct marketing is allowed unless approved by your affiliate account manager
  2. Adverts and promotions shall always follow the company's effort to promote social responsibility and responsible gambling
  3. Any content or activity featuring, encouraging, or soliciting illegal activity is strictly prohibited
  4. Affiliates must not submit any unsolicited advertisements to consumers
  5. Affiliates must provide Maxent Ltd with details of anywhere marketing is conducted on behalf of Maxent Ltd but not limited to URLs, landing pages, brand displays, player destinations and social media
  6. Affiliates must only use creative supplied by, or approved by, Maxent Ltd.
  7. Affiliates cannot place marketing featuring brands on websites providing unauthorised access to copyrighted content.
  8. Required information: ALL adverts need to display information on the age restriction on gambling, Minimum age to play: 18+, and contact details to a help-organisation specialising in gambling problems, Responsible Gaming Foundation:, Gamble Aware:, or a local entity.
  9. Sales promotions shall always be clear and accurately advertised
  10. It shall be made clear what is being marketed and who is behind the marketing
  11. Marketing shall not contain child-friendly images or games
  12. Marketing cannot target minors, have particular appeal to children and/or other vulnerable persons associated with youth culture
  13. Marketing shall not encourage anti-social or criminal behaviour
  14. Marketing cannot have any alcohol or the mention of alcohol in it
  15. Marketing cannot contain material that encourages conduct that could lead to social,financial or emotional harm.
  16. Marketing cannot encourage spending more than one can afford.
  17. Marketing cannot portray gambling as a primary source of income, a solution to financial problems, a form of financial investment, an alternative to employment, away to obtain financial security or a way to repay debts
  18. Marketing cannot provide an impression that winnings are guaranteed or that it is easy to win. The chances of winning have to be portrayed realistically
  19. Marketing cannot directly or indirectly link gambling to sexual success or enhanced attractiveness. Adverts shall not directly or indirectly feature themes that link gambling to toughness, resilience or recklessness
  20. Marketing shall not provide an impression that games of chance can be affected by skill or a particular technique.
  21. Marketing shall not provide an impression that gambling can increase personal or professional qualities, such as improving self-image or creating success, admiration and/or recognition.
  22. Marketing cannot suggest that gambling in any way could provide an escape from, for example, personal or professional problems or be a solution to any problems
  23. Marketing shall not promote solitary gambling over social gambling or suggest that gambling should take priority in life over friends, family, work etc.
  24. Marketing shall not use language or imagery connected to gambling addiction, such as mentions of negative emotions, guilt, aggression, frustration or sadness.
  25. Marketing cannot link gambling to recklessness or use language classically associated with increased risks of developing gambling problems, such as "highs and lows", "risk it all", etc.
  26. Content, CTAs cannot contain urgent prompting messages, such as Deposit Now; PlayNow, "Start playing now", "Play immediately", "Play now! ", "Try your luck", "Urgent","Hurry", "Test your luck in our Casino", variations on this theme or in any way suggest that time is running out.
  27. The following terms and similar variations shall not be used in marketing; 'Can't lose','Get Rich', "Win Big", "Your lucky day", "Guaranteed winnings", "Road to Success","Jackpot win coming, you could be next."
  28. Marketing does not claim that a product will only be available for a minimal time to elicit an immediate decision. Statements that are either aimed at rushing the customer into a decision or are considered to be an aggressive promotion technique shall not be used. Such not tolerated statements include but are not restricted to: "You have won x amount of bonus", "This bonus is only available today" (if the offer is not time-barred),"Get rich today."
  29. Marketing cannot contain material that could be perceived to condone gambling at work, or gambling add odd hours; such as in the middle of the night
  30. Marketing cannot exploit cultural beliefs or traditions about gambling or luck
  31. Any promotions, including large winnings by a brand, can only be real ones and include a date for when it occurred
  32. All affiliate websites have to make it clear for a viewer that they are not operated byRespective brand
  33. Marketing cannot provide an impression that Respective brand and/or Respective brand's promotions/offers are in any way promoted or pre-approved by a regulatory body. When mentioning license information or referring to the regulator, it should be done only in an informative way. (E.g. Licensed by… since….)
  34. Marketing shall not refer to instantly available consumer credit services or any other ways of providing credit to players
  35. Marketing shall not tarnish the goodwill and privilege that is associated or related in any manner whatsoever to an authorised person or tarnish the image or reputation of another authorised person
  36. Affiliates are not permitted to engage in any media buying through advertising exchanges, programmatic networks, etc. without prior written consent from theirAffiliate Account Manager
  37. As per the Agreement, Affiliates may not register or purchase any domain names identical or similar to or misspellings of the Brand names or trademarks
  38. Any Affiliate who registers domain names in breach of this rule will have their Affiliate account terminated, and further legal action may be taken.
  39. When including a game in an advert, the correct RTP should first be confirmed by theRespective brand or the game provider
  40. Advertorials are not allowed unless the content has been reviewed and approved in advance by your affiliate account manager.
  41. Marketing cannot claim that an offer is "free" when there are conditions attached where a consumer has to make any payment or "risk-free" when there is a potential loss involved.

Specific Guidelines for marketing of Bonus offers

  1. Any required information, and significant/essential terms and conditions, shall always be clearly and visibly displayed in direct connection to an advert
  2. ALL promotional marketing needs to clearly state that terms and conditions apply and make it just as clear where these terms can be found. IF there is not enough space to fit the full terms for an offer, these should be made available 1 click away to a page that shows the full terms immediately, to a compliant landing page or a page specifically designed for bonus terms.
  3. All adverts shall expressly state how to make use of an offer. For the avoidance of doubt, customers shall always be provided with sufficient information in order to be able to make an informed decision prior to accepting the offer. For example, the customer has to be fully made aware of all wagering requirements, deposit requirements, time restrictions, minimum bet, minimum odds etc
  4. Wherever space allows, essential/significant terms should be displayed, together with full terms only one click away. Significant or essential Terms are the terms and conditions for a bonus offer, which are most likely to affect a consumer's understanding of a promotion:
  5. Examples of what is considered essential terms
    • Eligibility: Restrictions on who can participate and how (ex. new players only or only available during September)
    • Payment: Pay/ deposit request to claim offer (ex. you need to deposit 10 Euro or play for 5 euro on starburst)
    • Wagering requirements: Including specific game restrictions (ex. 60 times wagering on casino games, game contribution varies between 0%-100%)
    • Time restrictions: Time limit to claim the offer, and to fulfil requirements (ex. 60 days min to meet any WR requirements or 100 days to claim the bonus
    • Max. and Min. amount: Including the max bonus amount that can be received or the maximum amount that can be won. (ex. Max 1000 euro in deposit bonus or winnings capped at 2000 euro) Max. and Min. amount: Including the max bonus amount which can be received or the maximum amount which can be won. (ex. Max 1000 euro in deposit bonus or winnings capped at 2000 euro)
  6. Terms and conditions for an offer, including essential terms and/or where to find full terms (one click away always), shall be clear, visible and easy to read for a viewer.
  7. This text has to be prominent and easily accessible for the viewer
  8. The text cannot be too small, placed vertically, translucent, or colour too similar to the background. The placement of the text shall be in direct connection to the offer, so the customer clearly can see the ad and this text at the same time.
  9. The text should be above the fold and as close to the offer headline as possible
  10. Should you need assistance with the format for bonus terms and/or where to link to complete terms for an offer, please reach out to your account manager

Specific rules for Direct marketing

  1. Mailers and/or other forms of direct marketing are only allowed with express permission from your affiliate manager.
  2. All mailers and subject lines must be pre-approved by your affiliate manager
  3. Marketing materials can only be sent to individuals for whom you have valid opt-in marketing consent. You are responsible for meeting the requirements of data protection laws in these cases. See below for further info. ** - This must be provable to us, with a timestamp
  4. Emails should contain a line that states, "This message has been sent to you as you opted in to receive marketing from [affiliate name]."
  5. Every marketing message must contain an unsubscribe method, and all requests to unsubscribe must be actioned immediately and in any case within 24 hours of receipt
  6. The text to be sent to individuals should always be the respective brand's template found in our media gallery. If your affiliate account manager should give different,express permission
  7. Where a send-out features one brand-related offer and could reasonably be understood by the person receiving the send-out as being from and / or associated with the brand, the send-out must be clear that it has been sent by the Affiliate and should clearly state who the sender is
  8. There should be no false or misleading header information in the send-out
  9. You should alert your account manager immediately if you have, or think you have, sent marketing messages to any individuals that you do not hold marketing consent for.
  10. **Affiliates are regarded as data controllers when it comes to the sending of marketing communications. This means that you are responsible for meeting the requirements of data protection laws and, in this case, ensuring that you have valid marketing consent before you send out any marketing. Failure to meet your obligations can result in enforcement action from data protection supervisory authorities.
  11. To be sure you are collecting valid marketing consent, you should make sure you are doing the following:
    • Do not use pre-ticked boxes. Consent must be opt-in, so individuals must do something "positive" to show their consent, like tick a box, rather than a"negative" action like un ticking a box.
    • The wording you use must be unambiguous and specific. You should be making it very clear to individuals precisely what will happen if they tick the box.
    • Marketing consent must be separate from everything else. You can't combine multiple things in a tick box, and you definitely can't connect it with the acceptance of terms and conditions.
    • You should always aim to be as granular as possible. So, for marketing, you should offer individuals options for which channels they want to receive marketing through (e.g., email, SMS) or what type of marketing they wish to receive (e.g., sports book, casino).
    • Individuals must always be able to withdraw their consent at any time, and this must always be honoured. It must be as easy for them to withdraw their consent as it was for them to give it, and it must be free.
    • You cannot require individuals to consent to marketing as a pre-condition for using your services.

Specific rules for Social Media

  1. You will follow Maxent Ltd Advertising Guidelines for All Markets
  2. As an affiliate, you cannot promote our brand via private groups and/or private messages without express approval from your affiliate account manager.
  3. In addition to regulatory requirements and gambling regulation, you also need to follow the advertising guidelines provided by the channel; for example, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram have policies of their own which you have to follow
  4. Suppose approval has been provided for social media marketing. In that case, all social media sites must be age-gated and only individuals over 18 years of age should be able to access this media.
  5. Required information: The minimum age to play: 18+, and contact details to a help organisation specialising in gambling problems, shall be clearly stated in the about/bio section of the profile and in every post that features our brand. The help-organisation varies depending on the market you target; please see the guidelines above

Specific rules for Streamers

  1. Every streamer with an active channel (500+ followers) with an existing, engaging community and great content is more than welcome to promote us.
  2. Streaming shall be respectful towards the audience as well as we are.
  3. You will follow Maxent Ltd Advertising Guidelines for All Markets.
  4. Do not share inappropriate or false information or take part in any kind of activity that could harm others or Maxent Ltd in any possible way.
  5. No alcohol, or use of alcohol or any other type of addictive substance whilst streaming and in the context of gambling.
  6. Always consider Responsible Gambling and Social Responsibility when you stream; for example, do not use coercive or pressure tactics to encourage someone to gamble, do not encourage reckless or risk-taking gambling or use peer pressure to encourage someone to gamble more.
  7. If an offer is advertised in a video/stream, the streamer must clearly communicate in the speech that terms and conditions apply. The essential terms must be displayed in writing long enough for the viewer to read and understand, and the full terms for the offer must be found 1 click away from the ad
  8. Anyone taking part in a stream has to be over 18 years old. For any stream in the UK and/or done in English, anyone taking part in the stream has to be over 25+ years old.

Content Labelling for twitch: You are expected to accurately label your content to the best of your ability. Twitch streamers are to warn users that the content is intended for adult audiences, and evidence of this may be requested before they are accepted.

In addition to the above, it is up to you, as a responsible and trustworthy affiliate of Respective brand, to adhere to any other applicable laws or gambling regulations

If you have further questions or any doubts about what you can do or not do, please get intouch with your manager or contact us by email, and we will be more than happy to guide you or answer any questions you might have.