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Trolls Bridge

Explore the cartoonish and bright world of Trolls Bridge, created by Yggdrasil. Set in a mystical unknown realm, players must avoid the terrifying wrath of the Troll underneath his dark and misty bridge. If you can survive this dreadful encounter, then you may find big rewards in store for you. Upon entering the realm, the Trolls Bridge online slot will start, and you must spin the reels to win this graphically impressive, video slot game. Traditional card suits are used for the basic payouts. Alongside them are the grotesque goblins who you must land to win the bigger prizes. The WILD symbols are the main weapon of choice in this battlefront. Use the regular, random or sticky WILDS to provide advantages in various forms. The Troll Wild can even replace specific goblins that appear on the reels to have that more direct approach. To further your arsenal, you can use bonus pots and bonus stones to offer both extra spins, special features and payout multipliers. When you play Trolls Bridge slot, it isn’t all just about fighting ugly goblins. Playing this game is both cute, colourful and creates an exciting, immersive experience and even providing golden opportunities when needed.

Spielname Trolls Bridge
Kategorien Spielautomaten
Anbieter Yggdrasil
Umsatzquote 100%
Trolls Bridge