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No Deposit Bonus

There are two types of No Deposit Bonuses when it comes to an online casino. These would be a No Deposit cash bonus, and No Deposit Free Spins.

The difference between the two is that for a cash bonus, you are credited bonus money into your bonus balance, and you're able to alter the bet size which you would like to stake when playing any applicable games. There might also be a wagering requirement which must be completed for the bonus to be converted to real funds.

Alternatively, there’s No Deposit Free Spins. The difference here is that the bonus will be tied to a single game at a preset bet size. Once you play through the free spins, the winnings are converted to a bonus with an applicable wagering requirement.

No Deposit Casino Bonus At Slotty Vegas

There are various scenarios where you can receive a No Deposit bonus (NDB) at Slotty Vegas, so check them out below to learn more.

  • What different types of No Deposit Bonuses exist?

    There are two types of No Deposit Bonuses which you can receive at Slotty Vegas. One is Cash-based and the other is Free Spins based, and none of them requires a deposit.

    Cash-Based No Deposit Bonuses credit you with a bonus balance which you can play on any bonus applicable game at any bet size you like as long as it is within the cap dictated by the terms. You can also wager on multiple games at will.

    The difference with No Deposit Bonus Free Spins is that you are credited a batch of free spins which can only be played on a fixed game and at a fixed bet size. Once you play the Free Spins, the winnings will be converted to a bonus with a wagering requirement.

  • How does a No Deposit Casino Bonus work?

    To claim a No Deposit Bonus you will have to insert the promo code in the redeem section which is under "My Rewards" section. Once you redeem it, the bonus credits to your bonus balance and you can begin wagering the bonus on any applicable games. Once you complete the wagering requirement, the bonus balance converts to real funds which can be withdrawn.

  • How do I get a No Deposit Bonus?

    No Deposit Bonuses are given as a complimentary bonus for loyalty. This means that if you play frequently at the casino, there’s a likelihood that you will receive complimentary No Deposit Bonuses in your account as a sign of goodwill.

    Another way to get casino No Deposit Bonuses will be if there is a special offer for registering a new account through a particular partner.

  • What are wagering requirements for a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

    A wagering requirement is a condition to be met for a bonus balance to converted into real funds. The wagering requirement is clearly stated when claiming the NDB bonus and you can also follow its progress from the bonus completion bar in-game, as well as the "My Rewards" section.

  • Can you withdraw winnings from a No Deposit Bonus?

    To be able to withdraw the winnings from a No Deposit Bonus, you will first need to complete the wagering requirement of the casino bonus. Once that’s done, the reward is converted to real funds and is treated as such.

  • How can I win real money with a No Deposit Bonus?

    You can win real money with a No Deposit Bonus by converting the bonus to real funds by completing the wagering requirement.

  • What are No Deposit Bonus codes?

    No Deposit Bonus codes are simply promo codes that, when redeemed, will credit your bonus balance with the gift associated with the code. In this case, you don’t need to deposit money to trigger the offer, simply insert the code and the gift can be redeemed.

  • How do I use No Deposit Bonus codes?

    When you receive a No Deposit Bonus Code, head over to the My Rewards section when logged in and insert the code in the redeem section. The bonus will be credited to your bonus balance as soon as you redeem the code.

  • How do I check for a No Deposit Bonus at Slotty Vegas?

    No Deposit Bonus Codes are usually sent to you by email or SMS, so make sure that you whitelist the Slotty Vegas email and sign up for all our marketing communication.

How To Activate My No-Deposit bonus on Slotty Vegas?

Step 1.

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Login to your existing account by clicking below

Step 2.

Click on the menu bar in the left corner and choose "My Rewards" or go directly to deposit by clicking on the "Deposit" button

How to activate a no-deposit bonus - Step 2

Step 3.

On the "My rewards" page you will see the Promo code box. Enter your code for the NDB bonus from the e-mail or SMS received and hit "Redeem". Your bonus will be activated automatically.

How to activate a no-deposit casino bonus - Step 3

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