Classic Slots

We are well aware that the gaming industry has undergone revolutionary changes, especially in regards to online slots. Despite these innovative changes, classic slots remain a favourite for many players.

What You Need to Know About Classic Slots

Online classic slots - Slotty Vegas Casino

If you are not familiar with the term "classic slots", these are online games that belong to the category of slot titles that are mainly modelled after the land-based slot machines.

If you remember the traditional slot machines that feature a coin bucket and lever, you have an idea of what the classic casino slots are all about.

In general, they are 3-reel machines that come with a single payline, though there are some that may have more (maximum of ten paylines). These games are usually basic when it comes to animation and graphics but, on the other hand, they offer a nostalgic and unique feel to your gaming experience.

How Classic Slots Differ From Other Types of Casino Games

It is easy to note differences between classic slots online and the other casino slot games (video slots).

One of the main differences is the number of reels available. With the classic option, a majority of the games will have a total of 3 reels. The other machines usually have 5 reels or more.

Other areas where you can pinpoint some differences include:

Perks of Playing Slots on Our Site

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Advantages you will get playing slots on our gaming platform include:

Whether you are into classic slot machines or modern slots, you will find an exciting collection of casino games on our site.