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Experience the thrill of a real-life casino, interact with a live dealer and other like-minded players from around the world, and play all of your favourite table games from the comfort of your own home. Streamed in high quality and in real time, live casino offers an authentic casino experience anytime, anywhere!

What are Live Casino Games

Live Dealer Games - Live casino at Slotty Vegas

When It comes to classic casino, live dealer games have become increasingly popular along the years, both amongst seasoned players who enjoyed their time in real-life casinos in the past, as well as amongst newer players who started out playing online and this would have just felt like a natural progression.

Supported on all devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobiles, live casino games offer an on-the-go reliable casino alternative for when you’re just not in the mood for slots.

If you’ve already got a live dealer casino favourite, then all that’s left is for you to head out to our Live Casino section and take your pick amongst a range of exciting titles. If you’re still not sure which live casino game might be for you, here’s a handy roundup of some of our most popular live dealer choices.

A Little bit about Live Roulette

Even if you’ve never set foot inside a brick and mortar casino before, there’s absolutely no chance you’ve never come across a roulette wheel. This iconic black and red wheel has graced and entertained the crowds for centuries, and today is undoubtedly the number one live casino game that doesn’t involve any cards.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is understand the basic layout of the live roulette game. First off, there are two betting tables available; the longer one is dedicated to inside bets, whereas the wider one refers to what are known as outside bets.

Right above these tables there’s a live dealer, or a croupier as s/he are referred to specifically in roulette, and the roulette wheel. The croupier’s role here is to spin the ball and call out winning bets.

When it comes to selecting the right live roulette table for you, you’re going to want to keep these two variations in mind. First, you’ve got the European wheel which has 37 pockets numbered from 0 to 36, and the American wheel which has 38 pockets numbered from 0 to 36 like the European version, along with an extra 00 pocket. As always, there are pros and cons for both live roulette types, so choosing the one that you’re more comfortable with might take a little trial and error, but as a general rule of thumb; if you’re after better odds go European, if you’re up for a challenge then it’s American all the way!

Let’s Talk Live Blackjack

Definitely considered royalty amongst live dealer games, blackjack is a definite favourite amongst players of all levels. Requiring both intuition and strategy, there’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to this easy-to-learn game of cards.

Blackjack tables feature a number of live dealers, that deal up to a max of seven players per table. Eight decks of 52 cards are held together in what is referred to as a shoe, and are reshuffled periodically.

The game will start with players making their initial bets. After that the dealer will deal two cards to each participant including him/herself. The only difference here is that player cards are always dealt face up, whereas the dealer will receive one card that’s facing up and the other face down.

In live casino blackjack, all of the cards count their face value – so let’s say a two of spades is worth two points. Picture cards are worth ten points, whereas the Ace is the real game changer here, worth one or eleven points depending on the requirements of that particular hand.

Players will then decide whether they’d rather stand, hit, surrender, split, or double down, whereas the dealer generally hits on 16 or less and will stand on 17 or above. Many might argue that the aim of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible, however that’s not entirely true. The real skill in live blackjack is when you’re able to simply beat the dealer without going bust – simple.

Fancy a Round of Live Baccarat?

Sometimes referred to as Punto Banco, baccarat is a live dealer game that includes two hands of cards being dealt at the same time. One for you and the other for the live dealer. Players are then asked to bet on whether they believe their hand or the live dealer’s hand is closest to the value of nine, or whether both hands will tie.

Enjoying a predefined set of rules, live baccarat is a casino game that’s predominantly based on luck rather than any form of skill or extensive expertise. The only skill required here is being able to successfully predict the next winning hand – crystal balls optional.

In live baccarat, the Ace is worth one point, cards two to nine are worth their face value, whereas tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings carry zero points. For each game, two cards are dealt to each player, and depending on both these values a third card might be drawn, as long as it complies with the third card rule.

The hand that’s closest to nine wins the round, unless both cards are of the same value in which case will result in a tie. Should the player’s or the live dealer’s first two cards add up to eight or nine, this is called a natural and the hand ends there. A quick and thrilling game that comes with high recommendations!

Live Casino at SlottyVegas

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