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Baccarat is one of the world’s most popular casino games and that’s for good reason. If you’ve never set foot inside a casino before, baccarat would actually be a really good place to start. It’s fun, it’s simple and most of all it’s quick, delivering big on entertainment value – and the fact that it’s readily available online is always a plus of course.

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The baccarat card game has the lowest house edge in casino, generally giving you a house edge of around 1.36% if you bet on the player, and approximately 1.17% if you choose to bet on the dealer or banker instead.

If you’re interested in learning how to play baccarat, you’re probably wondering about the rules. The good news is that they’re pretty simple and you’ll catch on to the baccarat card game in no time. Here’s how it goes:

The dealer will place 2 cards facing down and then deal the player with 1 card face up and the other face down. Each hand always has a minimum of 2 cards and a max of 3. At this point you’ll place your bets and the game is in full swing.

Always keep in mind that in an online baccarat game you’re able to bet on the player, the dealer or banker, as well as whether you think there might be a tie. Keep in mind that if the banker or player receives an initial hand that’s an 8 or a 9 then that’s considered a ‘natural’ and both parties will stand.

If your hand is originally 5 or less then you’ll receive another card or stand. In this case, if the banker’s hand is also 5 or less then s/he will stand. And finally, a tie will pay out 8:1.

When trying to understand the actual value of your hand, keep in mind that face cards (J, Q, K) and 10s are worth 0, cards 2 – 9 are worth their face value, Aces count as 1. And finally, Jokers are not used in baccarat games.

Baccarat Online: Bets to Make and Avoid

The first thing you’re going to want to know here is that it’s always better to avoid the tie bet. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but the house edge is generally much higher here and that’s never ideal.

Next, you’re going to want to know the odds, betting on baccarat online seems pretty straightforward; player, banker or tie, right? Nevertheless, a quick look at the paytable will reveal that there are different odds on each bet, with the banker’s bet generally having higher odds.

Betting on Banker

With higher odds at stake, betting on the banker appears to be the most popular choice when playing baccarat games. Experts advise to place your bet on the banker with up to a 50% extra chance of this being successful. For this reason, the house generally reserves an extra commission on these bets to balance out the odds.

It’s always important to keep in mind however is that matters such as winning and losing streaks or hot and cold tables are purely myths and have never been proven. Baccarat is mostly a game of luck sought after majorly for its entertainment value.

Betting on Player

Even though the previous option tends to be a more popular choice, betting on player might prove lucrative if you apply the right strategies at the right time. Applying similar systems to the ones used in online roulette, such as the Martingale for instance, would allow you to challenge the mathematics of it all and take a greater risk with the hope of landing a larger reward.

Despite its lower odds, betting on banker seems to be preferred by those playing with systems.

It’s a Tie

Baccarat online is known to be the table game with the lowest house edge, however a tie goes against all of this. Whereas both banker and player bets pay 1:1, tie bets pay 8:1 which is never ideal. This is why it’s always advisable to avoid a tie wherever possible.

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