Responsible Gambling

We take responsible gambling very seriously at Slotty Vegas and your safety is our top priority. Please read the following in order for you to understand what we offer as safety limits in order to make sure that you are never at risk throughout your time with us. For further information about symptoms & prevention click here.

Limit Settings:

You may at your discretion choose to disable your ability to play games on our website, set transaction limits, gameplay limits per timeframe, or exclude for a set amount of time or indefinitely. Each limit will take effect upon confirmation by our support department that the relevant restriction is not in place. The email address to be used for all the below restrictions is

Account Closure/Login Based:

To block access to your account for a time period, you must send an email including the following:
Username, Desired Period of Exclusion, Reason for Exclusion .

Loss Based:

To set the maximum you are allowed to lose in a timeframe, send an email stating the following:
Username, Amount of losses, Timeframe of losses (Session,Daily/Weekly/Monthly) .

Wager Based:

To set a limit to the amount you can wager, send an email including:
Username,Amount allowed to wager, Timeframe (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) .

Session Time Based:

To limit the amount of time you are allowed to be in session, send an email including:
Username, Amount of time you are allowed, Timeframe (Minutes/Hours per session) .

A user who has set a limit or exclusion on any of the possible limitations listed above, may change or revoke such limits by written or electronic notice given to Slotty Vegas, as follows:

Revoking: At all times Maxent ltd will apply:

- A 7day cooling-off period for any player who decides to reinstate their account following an indefinite exclusion
- A 24 hour cooling off period for any player who attempts to increase and/or revoke previously set play limitations.

This includes removal of an exclusion for a definite period before this period has elapsed and increasing or revoking deposit, gameplay, session related limit

For example, if a player assigns a play limit of €1,000 per day, and then proceeds to increase that limit to €2,000 per day, such increase will take affect seven day24hours after the request has been received.

Enforcing: A notice of enforcing or further reducing play limitation, or a notice by which an Account Holder wishes to enforce or increase their exclusion timeframe, will have effect immediately after confirmation of receipt from Slotty Vegas. For example, if a player assigns a play limit of €1,000 per day, and then proceeds to reduce that limit to €500 per day, such decrease will take effect immediately after the request has been received.

We cooperate fully with responsible gaming entities such as and we highly recommend that players who feel they may have a problem controlling their gambling consult with them for assessment and assistance.